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Homes for Heroes


Homes for Heroes was established shortly following the tragic events of 9/11 as a way to give back and say "Thank You" to our nation's heroes.  Homes for Heroes is the largest nationwide network of affiliate real estate agents, lenders and local businesses providing easy ways for heroes to save significant money when buying, selling or refinancing a home; or when making every day home-related purchases.


What is the program about? 

Homes for Heroes® provides real savings and rewards for heroes who work every day to make our communities a safer and better place to live. Homes for Heroes is a network of real estate professionals who are prepared to give real savings to those who serve their communities, when they buy, sell or refinance a home.  Debbie Thurman & Associates is proud to have been chosen to be an affiliate for one of the largest nationwide networks.  This program offers us a  way to say Thank You!

Who qualifies as a hero? 

The core group of heroes include Military (Active, Reserves and Veterans), Law Enforcement, Firefighters, Healthcare Professionals, Emergency Medical Services and Teachers.  If you think you might qualify, tell us what you do for our community and we will check to see if you meet the requirements of the program. When you are buying, selling or refinancing a home, let us say thank you for all you do if we can!

How much will I save? 

The total amount you save will depend on the final sold or purchase price of your home. Homes for Heroes affiliate Realtors® agree to give a % of their gross commission as a Hero Reward.  When you Buy a Home you will receive a check from Homes for Heroes in the mail shortly after closing.  When you Sell a Home you will receive a reduced real estate commission rate at closing.  Local business affiliates too often provide additional hero discounts.  Discounted fees on purchases and refinances can also be obtained when using a Lender affiliated with the Homes for Heroes program.  The savings as you can imagine can be thousands of dollars.  We can certainly review and go over the savings with you.

Do I have to use all of your affiliates to receive the savings?

No, you do not need to use "all" of the affiliates, but it is required that you use a Homes for Heroes affiliated Realtor® in order to receive Homes for Heroes savings. Most heroes do not want to miss out on any savings, so they choose to use as many of the local affiliates as possible to maximize their Hero Rewards.The rebates and savings offered through the Homes for Heroes program come directly from the Realtor® and Lender affiliates of which whom must meet high standards and criteria of the program just to be chosen.  

What if I am already working with an agent or lender?

If you are currently represented by a real estate agent or lender, it is not our intent for you to break that agreement but unfortunately for this transaction anyway, you would not qualify as only our affiliate agents and lenders can offer the rewards.

What if I’m not ready to buy, sell or refinance?

Don’t worry. If you’re not ready, that’s OK. It’s still a good idea to speak to one of us if you’re simply thinking about it. We can provide some good insight on preparation and steps to take before you even begin the buying, selling or refinancing process. Sign up now and we can discuss all this program has to offer.

What if I have poor credit?

Please sign up on our website so we can connect you with one of our local affiliate lending specialists. They follow all federal and local lending guidelines, and can provide the most accurate information on how those guidelines will affect you. Even if they can’t assist you at the moment, they will be able to provide advice and answer any questions you may have.

Do we handle rentals?

Some of our affiliate real estate specialists are aware of rentals or do have rentals available. It varies from state to state (and from area to area)! Please sign up on our website to see if anything is available in your area. 

When will the Homes for Heroes specialist contact me?

After you sign up, one of the members of Debbie Thurman & Associates will contact you within 24 hours. If you do not hear from someone within that time frame, please call or text (573)450-1063.

This just sounds too good to be true. Why should I trust you?

Homes for Heroes was made for you. We want you to rely on us for savings now and in the future, so we’ll treat you in a way that will make you want to turn to us again. We want you feel great about referring us to your friends and family. Still not convinced? We invite you to read about what our Heroes have to say about their experiences working with us at www.HomesforHeroes.com.

Homes for Heroes®, Thanking Heroes One Home at a Time™







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